Shocking bombshell evidence that proves OJ committed double homicide and  where he may have hidden the murder weapon REVEALED!  

O.J. SIMPSON is shaken to the core because bombshell evi­dence that proves he murdered his ex-wife and her friend is hidden in his $500,000 Flori­da home – and it’s all about to be discovered because the house is headed for the auction block on Oct. 29.

The home has been in foreclosure, and the disgraced football star, now impris­oned in Nevada, is terrified that the new owner will discover the items – the knife used in the gruesome murders and the de­signer shoes that left bloody tracks around his former wife’s lifeless body.

Plus, sources tell The ENQUIRER, at one point O.J. also secreted potentially in­criminating pages from his handwritten 1994 diary at the location.

The hiding place – located AT 9450 SW 112 St. in Miami – “has been a house of horrors for years,” disclosed an insider.

Brutal fights have erupted there over the years, and cops have rushed to the residence on several occasions because of frightening violence and suspected drug use.

And now, in a devastating new blow to O.J., the secrets behind the home’s walls could provide the final, indisputable evidence that he was the one who brutally slaughtered his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman on June 12, 1994.

The ENQUIRER has learned that as part of O.J.’s cover-up following the murders, he had buddies secretly rent storage bins for him to hide certain items, without knowing what they were.

At first, he just wanted to keep crime scene evidence out of the hands of authori­ties. But after his acquittal on criminal charges, he realized those items could someday fetch a fortune on the memora­bilia market, say sources.

As he moved around, he took the items with him, and they ended up in Florida when he left California.

Late last year, The ENQUIRER revealed that Simpson had kept the murder weap­on, believed to be a German Stiletto, and was negotiating to sell it to a wealthy col­lector for an astounding $5 million.

But the whereabouts of the size 12 Bruno Magli shoes, worn at the crime scene, remained a mys­tery – until now.

At the time of O.J.’s criminal trial, prosecu­tors produced photos of bloody tracks around Nicole’s body and argued that the sole pattern was so rare it was limited to about 300 pairs of Magli shoes.

Simpson claimed he never owned a pair of “those ugly ass shoes.”

But in an astonishing 1996 break­through, The ENQUIRER proved the for­mer gridiron great did, in fact, own a pair of the fancy shoes imported from Italy. Our investigative team uncovered photos of him – taken months before the murders – wearing Bruno Maglis on the sidelines of a Buffalo Bills football game. The discovery later played a key role in O.J. being found liable for the slayings in a civil suit.

On the memorabilia market, the shoes could fetch as much as $6 million, said the insider.

“But O.J.’s dream of selling these things started falling apart be­cause he can’t stop the foreclosure or upcoming online auction of his home,” continued the source. “He doesn’t give a damn about the house – it’s what he has hidden on the property that’s freaked him out.”

O.J., 66, is powerless to stop what’s happening because he’s locked up after being convicted on kidnapping and armed robbery charges and is not eligible to get out until 2017.

From behind bars, Simpson told a close pal about the murder items he has stashed at his home.

“O.J. confided that both the knife and the shoes are at his Florida property,” the insider re­vealed. “He said he cleverly hid them when he had renovations done at the house back in 2006.

“He bragged that he had the knife and shoes in a waterproof metal box – along with the diary pages. One night, when the home repairs were being done, he buried the box and had it cov­ered with concrete.

“O.J. wouldn’t say if it was in a wall or in the floor of the house. In fact, he laughed when he was asked about the location.

“‘What do you want me to tell ya, man!’ he said. ‘Do you want me to spell out where X marks the spot? C’mon, get a life. That’s for just me to know.’”

And in a stunning new development, sources say Simpson confided that he also stashed a bundle of pages from his diary at the house.

“O.J. told a pal that the diary entries recount in detail his feelings toward Nicole and what went on shortly be­fore and during the murders. He said he wrote about the killings as a kind of therapy for himself, but tore those pages out of the diary and kept them hidden in a metal box with the knife and shoes.

 “He said he has confessed many times to friends over the years – but never in writing. He believes these pages would shock the world!”

Now O.J. is appar­ently living in fear that the incriminat­ing items could end up in the hands of strangers.

“He knows the law prohibits him from being tried again for the murders, but that’s not why he is sweating,” said the insider. “O.J’s in denial about how people really perceive him and still doesn’t see himself as a bad guy. Even in prison, he’s concerned about his image.

“HE ALSO KNOWS HE COULD SELL those hidden items for megabucks when he gets out of prison. That’s probably what’s eating at him the most.”

But the house may not even be there by the time he’s released.

“The place is falling apart,” said the insider.

When Simpson went to prison in 2008, he put his daughter Arnelle, now 44, in charge of the house, but she didn’t have the money to keep it up, “and finally it all went to hell,” said a close source. “By the time it was in foreclosure, there were huge leaks from a bad roof, and critters had moved in and made a mess.”

Some of O.J.’s friends, who were thinking of buying the house to save it for him, checked it out “and told him it will most likely be knocked down,” said the insider. “The land is valuable but the house is too far gone.

“O.J. said, ‘My God! If that place is torn down, whoever buys it will find my stuff for sure, or workmen could carry it off.’

“It is all too much for O.J. His dia­betes has flared up and he’s way too heavy. Now the stress of all this has really gotten him down. I’m sure he doesn’t have long to live.”