Husband Kills Twin Daughters In Friday The 13th Bloodbath

Gawain Rushane Wilson

A devastated Florida mom’s murderous boyfriend forced her to hold their twins in her arms — as he shot and killed the infants!

“Mama, he killed them! He killed them in my arms,” she moaned later, while miraculously recovering.

Navy veteran Gawain Rushane Wilson coldly shot the 22-year-old mom, Megan Hiatt, and her father, Travis, 49, before turning the gun on himself to escape justice for the shocking bloodbath.

Miraculously, Megan survived the unspeakable Friday the 13th massacre and is recovering in a Jacksonville, Fla., hospital.

“He made me hold them when he killed them,” she sobbed from her hospital bed after the carnage. “He made me watch.”

Despite being riddled by a hail of bullets and hysterical at the slaughter of her babies, Hayden Rose and Kayden Reese Hiatt, Megan managed to crawl across the floor to reach her dying dad.

“She had to crawl through her babies’ blood, then through the shooter’s blood … to hear his last words,” said Megan’s mother, Melissa Bateh. “He wanted her to tell her brother that he was the best son ever and he loved him.”

Wilson snapped during a domestic dispute and went on a rampage — not uncommon in their tumultuous relationship, which was fraught with violent arguments, investigators said.

Melissa said Wilson would often break items in the house when he was angry. He had pled guilty to strangulation in 2013, and was forced to enter a domestic violence program.

Six months ago, Megan posted a loving note to the father of her twins on Facebook. But now the words ring like a cruel hoax.