Ku Klux Klan Leader Bill WIlkinson

B ill Wilkinson was once the most hated man in America – a domestic terrorist who advocated racial violence as Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. The National ENQUIRER exposed his evil agenda, forcing the coward to flee the country 30 years ago.

You can run and hide – but The ENQUIRER will find you!

The 72-year-old fiery racist, who still boasts of his controversial past, is hiding in plain sight on a Caribbean island resort – where he’s one of the few white folks!

The ENQUIRER exposed Wilkinson in 1979 when he announced he was “going international” with a Klan Youth Corp trained “to do maximum damage!”

He claimed his Louisiana chapter of the KKK shot up a black activist’s car in 1978, “and we’re not ashamed of it.” A year later, Wilkinson and his followers were held partially responsible for opening fire on black marchers during a Southern Christian Leadership Conferencein Decatur, Ala.

The Southern Poverty Law Center filed multiple lawsuits against the Klansmen, but Wilkinson refused to name participating members.

The SPLC went after Wilkinson again in 1984, blocking him from forming another violent paramilitary unit called the Klan Guard. That’s when the former Wizard finally fled – to the tropical paradise of Belize. “I enjoy scuba diving – that’s what I came here for, [and] snorkeling, fishing,” Wilkinson said.And now he’s proclaiming that “life is real good!” – from the $3 million resort he owns in San Pedro on the gorgeous island of Ambergris Caye!

“San Pedro is full of friendly people – blacks, Rastafarians, Hispanics,” he said. “I have a good relationship with them!”

Despite his friendly and racially diverse neighbors, Wilkinson remains a proud segregationist – and still 
opposes intermarriage!

A local merchant originally from said: “Let me tell you something about this guy. He is a happy man. I know about his past, but I tend not to talk about it.

“He’s king of the rednecks!”

There were rumors Wilkinson was an FBI informant – a power-mad Louisiana leader out to shut down rival Klan factions.

While the FBI won’t comment on Wilkinson as an informant, a federal agent told The ENQUIRER: “We’re just happy that he’s out of the country!”