Self Served!

Florida Man Calls Cops On Himself Over DUI

Cops not amused by drunk "trying to get pulled over!"

florida man calls cops dui

A Florida driver called cops to report a drunk behind the wheel — himself!

Officers in Polk County said Michael Lester phoned them on New Year’s Eve to announce he was “driving on the wrong side of the road.”

“I’m too drunk!” Lester babbled. “I don’t know where I’m at!”

When the dispatcher asked what he’d been doing, loopy Lester said: “I don’t know. Driving around. Trying to get pulled over, actually.”

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Told to park his truck and wait for police, Lester did, and said: “Look, I’m parked in the middle of the road” — as sirens blared on the 911 tape.

Lester later admitted to drinking beers, taking meth and barely sleeping for days.

The police later wrote on their Facebook page: “Innocent people are too often injured or killed from impaired drivers. DUI is not a laughing matter.”