A horrifying secret has been exposed behind the headline-making tragedy of missing mom Brittney Wood.

The devoted young mother – last seen near Mobile, Ala., in May 2012 – was likely murdered because she “knew too much” and was about to inform on the sick sex monsters in her family to save her daughter from a life of hell, The National ENQUIRER has learned from cops. Instead, cops think it got her killed.

Since Brittney’s disappearance at age 19, nearly a dozen of her family members and their pals have been charged with sex crimes.Now, sources say that Brittney is presumed murdered because she What’s more, investigators believe Brittney told some family members she was ready to talk in order to get them to stop the atrocities. Still, sources say, her actions may have saved daughter Payton. The 4-year-old’s legal guardians are paternal grandparents Denis and Maxwell Harris, and the tot visits Brittney’s father and stepmother, Wallace and Stephanie Hanke is being cared for by her father, Andrew Hamilton, and Brittney’s father and stepmother, Wallace and Stephanie Hanke.

A family member told The ENQUIRER, “Payton is away from the sickness of the Wood family. All Brittney wanted is for her to be safe and not see the horror on that side of the family.”

Court documents obtained exclusively by The ENQUIRER reveal Brittney experienced the family’s evil: At age 9, she was sexually abused by her grandmother’s boyfriend, Ronald Robertson, 53. Brittney testified against him in 2005 and he was sentenced to life in prison for rape and sex abuse.

Brittney went missing in 2012, immediately after leaving the home of an uncle, Donald Holland. Holland killed himself just two days later.

In the two years since, her brother Derek Wood, mother Chessie Wood and Holland’s wife, Wendy, all have been slammed with charges of sexual abuse involving children. Brittney’s uncle Randall Wood pleaded guilty to second-degree sodomy, and another uncle, Dustin Kent, pleaded guilty to second-degree rape and sodomyrecently accepted a plea deal after admitting to raping and sodomizing a family member. .

In an exclusive ENQUIRER interview, the Hankes claim Kent and others know the terrible truth.

“They know where Brittney’s body is – and had a hand in her disappearance and death,” charged a devastated Stephanie.Kent and other family members are expected to go on trial later this year.

“We hope all these depraved creatures are found guilty and given the max for their crimes,” she fumed. “This is a nightmare you can’t wake from!”