ACCUSED killer Jodi Arias is so confident she’ll be ac­quitted of murdering her boyfriend that she’s already making big plans for her future.

The ENQUIRER has learned that the brunette beauty, who is current­ly on trial for the grisly slaying of motivational speaker Travis Alexan­der, is telling pals that she has fallen in love with another female inmate at the Arizona prison where she’s locked up and that the two plan to marry when they’re both free.

What’s more, the twisted tempt­ress also plans to use one of her biggest supporters – Prescott, Ariz., resident Bryan Carr – to get her pregnant so she and her new wife can have a child together! Carr has been a daily fixture at Jodi’s trial and is said to be hopelessly in love with her.

“Jodi is confident that she will beat the first-degree murder rap and live happily ever after with her lesbi­an lover and a new baby,” an insider confirmed. “She is completely smitten with this woman in jail, and they’re quietly planning a lavish wedding for when they get out.

“They’re also going to play on that poor guy’s feelings so they can have a child and become a real family.”

Jodi, who could face the death pen­alty if convicted, admits she stabbed her onetime beau, 30-year-old Alex­ander, 27 times, shot him in the head and slit his throat at his Mesa, Ariz., home in June 2008. But the 32-year-old insists it was an act of self-defense – and her jailbird lover believes her.

According to a source at the prison, Jodi and the woman bonded because they’d both been involved in abusive re­lationships. But unlike Jodi, the lover has a lengthy criminal record and is “not a stranger to jail life.”

“She’s about 40 and is very pretty and likable,” the source said. “She makes you feel at ease right away, so it’s no wonder that the pair’s relationship escalated quickly and became romantic.”

Jodi’s lover is scheduled to be re­leased soon, and the source says Jodi believes her own days behind bars are coming to an end. She’s been telling pals that she has “recruited” Carr – whom she reportedly met through mutual friends prior to her arrest – to be a “sperm donor.”

Carr recently admitted that he’d visited Jodi multiple times at the Estrella wom­en’s jail in Phoenix over the past year. He also told a local news outlet that Arias is “the nicest person you’ll ever meet.” But sources say he’s being duped.

“This guy is like a lovesick puppy when it comes to Jodi,” noted the insider. “He’d do anything for her, and she’s extremely manipulative.

“If all goes according to plan, he’ll be instrumental in helping Jodi achieve her dream of having a family with her future wife. He’s just too blinded by love to see that he’ll be left in the cold once it’s all over.”