Drug Dealers Killed Nicole And Ron Over Debts, Claims O.J.

Oj simpson ne short

In a bombshell jailhouse confession, O.J. Simpson has finally revealed the truth behind the murders of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman — at least what he claims it to be.

A retired prison guard has told The National ENQUIRER that O.J. told him the real killers were drug dealers bent on collecting a $30,000 debt owed by cocaine-addled Nicole!

O.J.’s long- time manager, Norman Pardo, has corroborated the drug-debt scenario, and claimed O.J. actually watched the bloody murders unfold!

“O.J. was always telling people that drug people were involved in the murder, but he never told the other half of the story,” Norman told The ENQUIRER.

According to Norman, O.J. and his lawyer pal, Robert Kardashian, hired serial killer Glen Rogers to forcefully convince the drug dealers to leave Nicole alone. “From what O.J. told me, my theory is that he was getting tired of paying Nicole’s debt, and he brought in Glen Rogers to get the drug dealer out of the picture,” Norman told The ENQUIRER.

Rogers now sits on Florida’s death row on charges unrelated to the June 1994 killings.

The plan to bump off the drug thugs went awry when Rogers began stabbing Nicole and Ron, and then O.J. — who was at the scene — panicked, Norman said to The ENQUIRER.

In an explosive June 2014 article, a source said: “Glen Rogers … told me, ‘I helped O.J. kill Nicole and Ron.’” Shockingly, Rogers even apologized to O.J. last May in a handwritten letter that Norman provided to The ENQUIRER.

“Please tell O.J. that I’m very sorry for the death of his wife,” Rogers wrote. “Seems to me he’s being punished, not for the crime he’s convicted of, but for the crime they think he got away with.”

O.J. was convicted in 2008 of a botched armed robbery of sports memorabilia and sentenced to 33 years at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada, where he divulged his version of events to now-retired guard Jeffrey Felix.

But Jeffrey still thinks O.J. is a stone-cold killer! “I know he did that double murder,” Jeffrey told The ENQUIRER. “Looking in his eyes, I can see that he did it.”