Mitchelle Blair Confessed Torturing, Murder Of Two Daughters

A monstrous Detroit mother savagely tortured her children – killing two of them and stuffing their battered bodies in a freezer at her home for over two years! 

Thirty-five-year-old Mitchelle Blair has admitted to the heinous murders of her daughter Stoni Blair, 13, and her 9-year-old son, Stephen Berry.

“They’re both dead. I did it,” Blair declared as she was arrested on March 26 – after workers evicting the deranged mom discovered the corpses.

In a sickening twist, Blair claimed that she killed the kids because they had “sexually assaulted another child.” No evidence has been found to support her slander against her own children.

In chilling court documents obtained by The National ENQUIRER, Detroit police said Blair told them she repeatedly tied a belt around Stephen’s neck, and scalded him “in a boiling hot tub of water” before suffocating him on Aug. 30, 2012.

Nine months later, Mitchelle strangled Stoni with a T-shirt – and made her oldest daughter place her sister’s corpse alongside her dead brother!

Blair’s surviving 8-year-old son told authorities that “he knew his sister and brother were killed and subsequently placed in the freezer.”

The remaining children had extensive scarring from physical abuse – mostly from frequent beatings with an electrical cord. Children’s Protective Services admitted they had investigated Blair on two prior occasions without taking action. There was no record of her kids attending school within the past two years.

“That’s why no schools were wondering where they were,” said neighbor Shanetria Lanier. “When people asked her where the kids were, she said they were at her aunt’s house.”

Stoni’s father, Alex Dorsey, told reporters that he’d attempted to visit his daughter, tearfully asking: “Why did she have to die?”

Mitchelle is facing murder charges and has not been convicted yet.