New York prosecutors grim charges — male model, 21,  castrated gay lover, 65,  and then wore the severed genitalia as a spooky talisman to cure AIDS!

Renato Seabra, a Portuguese male model, said he was so tortured by his creepy romance with Carlos Castro  he beat him to death, castrated him with a corkscrew, then wore the dead man's genitalia on his arms to harness the severed testicles magical  healing powers, defense lawyers revealed at opening statements of the bombshell murder trial, The NY Daily News reported.

“He put one on each wrist," lawyer Rubin Sinins told the courthouse "He did this for his protection. He could also harness the power. He wandered the streets of Manhattan, touching people, because he had the power to cure people from AIDS, because he had the power to cure them."

Seabra, 21, killed his 65-year-old lover– a Portuguese society journalist and gay activist — in a sudden psychotic rage, his lawyer told jurors.

"He willingly told police. He wanted to explain why he killed Mr. Castro because he thought what he had done was right."

Sinins asked the jury to return a verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity, hoping his client would be committed to a psychiatric facility.

Manhattan prosecutors charged that Seabra was a money hungry diva who knew his money train was set to derail.

Castro was supposed be Seabra's meal ticket, flying him to New York in Jan. 2011 with the lure of a Manhattan model agency gig, prosecutors said.

"He wanted to pursue a career in modeling," said Assistant District Attorney Maxine Rosenthal.

"He want to be famous and make money. He also wanted nice things — clothes, electronics, gifts for his family. He wanted to eat in nice restaurants. When Carlos Castro showed up in Renato Seabra's life, he saw a means to an end and he got on board."

But as the trip wore on, Castro grew weary of opening up his wallet for the young male beauty, after catching him the company of women.

The two had a terrible fight over the break-up and then Seabra beat the older man over the head with a computer monitor, repeatedly stomped him until he was dead – prosecutors alleged.

Assistant District Attorney  Rosenthal told jurors, “He knew he was beating, stomping and mutilating Carlos Castro.

“And he knew it was wrong."