Tragic Accident!

Cops Nab Chicago Suspect Who Led Pursuers Into Train’s Deadly Path

Alleged perp who left two families fatherless claims gun wasn't his!

chicago cops chase gunman train killed
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Chicago cops on Thursday said the captured suspect who had led two fellow officers on a Monday chase that ended with them being stuck and killed by a speeding commuter train, had not realized police were pursuing him.

On Wednesday, the Cook County state’s attorney’s office reported that they’d charged Chicagoan Edward Brown (above), 24, with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and reckless discharge of a firearm.

The National ENQUIRER learned from Chicago Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi  on Thursday that Brown insisted to detective that he’d found the gun and that he was merely going to a remote area near the train tracks Monday evening to see if it was functional.

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Authorities charged the suspect — who police say Officers Eduardo Marmolejo, 36, and Conrad Gary, 31, were pursuing at the time of the shocking accident — with two felony weapons counts.

Both of the officers, who left behind young children, were called to the chase by gunfire and recorded their pursuit on one officer’s bodycam, footage from which is being held as part of the investigation.

Police officials said that the footage shows the officers stepping back onto the southbound tracks to avoid a northbound train, unaware amid the noise and tension that a southbound train was barrelling down at them with fatal speed.

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The camera footage reviewed by investigators suggested the two patrolmen had“no idea” the train was about to hit them, said Guglielmi, who added that detectives believed Brown’s claim that he was unaware of being chased Monday night.

Officer Marmolejo left behind a wife and three daughters, while officer Gary is survived by his wife and daughter. Friends have set up GoFundMe pages for each family to ease their financial burdens in the tragedy’s wake.