Exonerated murder mom’s one year probation over as CASEY ANTHONY walks.

Anthony, 26, completed her probation at midnight on Thursday and will no longer be under police supervision, Anthony is NOW  allowed to travel to wherever she chooses.

But where she'll go remains a mystery as her lawyer said her lawyer Charles Greene, has “sincere concerns” for the safety of the most hated woman in America.

'Her future plans are the subject of serious deliberation and discussion,” he told the Orlando Sentinel.

“I have sincere concerns as to her safety.”

It was reported yesterday that she had acquired a Passport allowing her to depart the US immediately.

The ENQUIRER had previously reported Casey has her sights set on Costa Rica.

Anthony's defense attorney in the bombshell murder trial Cheney Mason, said he doubts Anthony will ever have a normal life, as she’s still considered the most hated woman in America.


'I don't know that she's ever going to have the opportunity,' he told the Orlando Sentinel.