Sex Cult Butchers Beauty

A twisted dungeon master and his two female sex slaves tortured and then killed the beautiful young wife of a U.S. Marine after she refused to join their sick games — and then dumped her mutilated body like garbage!

Gorgeous brunette Brittany Killgore, 22, thought she had found a new friend when Marine Sgt. Louis Perez volunteered to help her move out of her apartment while her estranged hubby Cory, also a Marine, was on duty in Afghanistan.

“Party with me tonight & you’ll have five guys there in the morning,” Perez texted Brittany.

But Brittany had no clue about the sick, sinister plan behind Perez’s invitation!

Unknown to the young woman, perverted Perez, 49, led a secret sex cult that delighted in sadomasochistic role play. He served as master during sessions in his homemade sex dungeon with his live-in lovers.

Dorothy Maraglino, 40, and Jessica Lopez, 28, were his dutiful slaves. They had kinky sessions in a special room filled with whips, sex toys, gags, ropes, pulleys, duct tape and other bondage gear!

Brittany was last seen alive at 5 p.m. on April 13, 2012, near her home in Fallbrook, Calif.

Sometime later, The ENQUIRER has learned, Perez and his lovers lured her into their den of deviance.

Police say Brittany refused to join their sleazy sex play, but the twisted trio wouldn’t take no for an answer and slapped her in handcuffs!

Brittany was tortured as part of a sick XXX-rated game and strangled to death. Her body was mutilated, cut into pieces and dumped in a ditch 100 miles away near Los Angeles.

Cops caught a break when a good Samaritan bought Brittany’s phone from a homeless man April 14 -– and called Brittany’s mother to return it. Brittany’s mom asked cops to search for her missing daughter.

Brittany’s naked body was found three days later. That same day, sex slave Lopez was arrested in a San Diego Ramada Inn after slashing her wrists and leaving a suicide note “confessing” to Brittany’s murder.

Lopez said she zapped Brittany with a stun gun, wrapped a rope around her neck, buried her face in a pillow and strangled her. In the note Lopez claimed she killed Brittany because she was afraid the young beauty would steal Perez’s affections.

Maraglino, Lopez’s “owner,” was pregnant with Perez’s son at the time of the murder. Lopez admitted using a knife, “power tools” and bleach to chop up Britanny’s body — and insisted that she acted alone!

But the cops said she just wanted to clear her masters of the crime. Investigators found Brittany’s blood and DNA in Perez’s car, and said all three S&M cultists kidnapped her and made her “an unwilling participant” in bondage and torture.

Prosecutors stunned the court by saying the trio killed Brittany “for their own sadistic pleasure.” The killers insisted their sexcapades were consensual.

But a California jury didn’t buy it, convicting all three of kidnapping, torture and attempted sexual battery.

Now the killers face life in prison without parole.

“Our daughter was a beautiful young woman, inside and out,” said Brittany’s mom, Michelle Wrest.

“She ran across people that were not good. They were monsters, and took her life!”