Long Live the King!

Enquirer Exclusive: William Named King!

Dying Queen fires Andrew to save monarchy!

Prince William Named King - Dying Queen Elizabeth Fires Prince Andrew to Save Monarchy!
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Britain’s royal family has been torpedoed by a sex trafficking scandal involving one of their own!

Desperate to keep the royal ship afloat, Queen Elizabeth FIRED her disgraced son Prince Andrew, STRIPPED Prince Charles of “heir to the throne” status — and NAMED her favorite grandson, Prince William, as her successor!

“This is the biggest crisis the royals have faced in decades,” a high-level palace staffer told The National ENQUIRER in a world exclusive.

“Her Majesty blames Andrew for causing it — and Charles for not stopping it! She believes only William can save the monarchy!”

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The 59-year-old Duke of York’s royal future was doomed after his disastrous TV interview, when he tried to downplay his longtime friendship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who died under mysterious circumstances in August in a New York jail while awaiting trial for sex trafficking.

An Epstein “sex slave,” Virginia Roberts Giuffre, now 35, insisted she was forced to have sex with Andrew in London, New York and at the pervert’s Caribbean estate — when she was just 17.

In the interview, Andrew denied any sexual contact, gave a flimsy alibi for the London tryst and claimed he’d never met Virginia — despite a photo showing him with his arm around her waist!

Prince Andrew With Virginia Roberts (Giuffre_

Courtesy of Virginia Roberts Giuffre

“Her Majesty was blindsided by the interview and exploded in fury!” dished the palace source. “She banished Andrew from his royal duties, removed his taxpayer-funded $325,000 salary and scrapped his lavish 60th birthday bash in February!

“When Charles returned from an official trip to New Zealand, she ordered him to her private quarters and blasted him for not containing the scandal when it first erupted ten years ago.

“ ‘How did it get to this point!’ she demanded angrily,” said the source, adding it was clear she couldn’t trust him to ever rule with an iron fist.

That’s when the 93-year-old monarch announced she was bypassing Charles, 71, to name William, 37, the next king!

“William had immediately recognized the damage Andrew’s interview presented and demanded his uncle be exiled from the family,” said the source.

“Her Majesty said, ‘Only William and Catherine can ensure the future of the monarchy.’

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“I’m told Charles desperately protested, but his mother shut him down, saying this scandal should never have happened and it was his fault it did.”
Meanwhile, the hits keep coming for exiled Andrew.

An ex-Epstein employee, known as “Tiffany Doe,” has alleged Andrew “motorboated” her — sticking his face between her breasts and blowing a raspberry!

“Andrew liked my breasts,” she said, revealing that curvy girls were specially selected for the prince at the Epstein parties he attended a couple of times a year.

The duke was also “given” a “beautiful young neurosurgeon” at the predator’s New Mexico ranch, claimed ex-housekeeper Deidre Stratton.

She spent three days with him, said Stratton, adding, “At one point, she asked me to find a tea that would make Andrew more horny.”

Another woman, Johanna Sjoberg, 39, has accused the prince of groping her and revealed she’s ready to testify to the FBI under oath.

“Andrew’s also facing a grilling from the FBI, which is determined to bring to justice anyone who enabled Epstein’s crimes,” said the source.

“That includes Epstein’s ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, who denies procuring girls for the pervert. She’s dropped out of sight, but Andrew admitted he secretly met her at Buckingham Palace in June!

“Andrew’s up to his royal neck in trouble — and he’s taking his brother Charles down with him.”

But Randy Andy’s reputation has teetered on the brink of disaster for years.

“He begged to marry actress Koo Stark in the early 1980s, but was told — strongly — there was no room for someone from showbiz in the royal firm!” recalled an insider.

“He was photographed sunbathing with topless women on a yacht in Thailand and ogling big-breasted models like Heidi Klum.

“In 2011, he was forced out of his job as U.K. trade envoy for his close links with Azerbaijan’s dictator, President Ilham Aliyev.

“He’s gone from party prince to pervy pariah — and if he ever tries to make a royal comeback, he’ll be on a collision course with King William!”