Royal Tightwad

Queen Slammed For Being A Major Scrooge

Elizabeth ‘refuses to spend a cent on anything new’

Queen Elizabeth II Wearing Purple Hat and Suit ,Buckingham Palace, Joanna Lumley
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Britain’s Queen Elizabeth is worth a staggering $530 million, but she’s so frugal she wears old gloves, reuses wrapping paper and has guests eat with thrift-shop silverware and sleep on old sheets!

The 93-year-old tightwad — who has been outraged by the extravagant spending of grandson Prince Harry and wife Meghan — also enjoys “commoner” breakfasts of cornflakes or Special K served in plastic bowls.

“She’s lives in a palace but refuses to spend a cent on anything new,” tattles a royal insider.

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“She still wears a pair of 40-year-old gloves that have been mended and washed countless times. She even refuses to toss gift wrap, smoothing out ribbons and paper from presents she’s received and using them again.”

Actress and environmentalist Joanna Lumley was surprised and delighted when invited to stay at Buckingham Palace. She praised the queen’s sustainable lifestyle.

“Guess what? You eat off secondhand knives and forks, the bed you sleep in is second­hand, the bed linen is secondhand — and that’s Buckingham Palace,” she said.

In Her Majesty’s defense, friends point out that she grew up during World War II, when food and other necessities were severely rationed.