‘Honey, Let’s Shrink The Kids!’

Honey lets shrink the kids ne short

Environmentalists want to preserve Earth’s resources — by shrinking the next generation of humans!

S. Matthew Liao, Clinical Associate Professor of Bioethics at New York University, is one of many activists supporting “human engineering” to create smaller people who will take up less space on the planet.

“There’s this technique called ‘preimplantation genetic diagnosis,’” explained the professor. “You can detect, sort of, genetic diseases. So the idea is that maybe you can use the technique like that to select smaller children!”

Liao’s vision involves giving newborns a series of hormone shots that will “close the growth plates” and literally stunt a child’s natural development.

“We already give hormone treatments to children who are expected to be very, very tall,” he rationalized.

“Larger people consume more energy than smaller people. For example, it takes more energy to transport larger people. They wear out shoes, carpet, etc., more than smaller people.”

Liao isn’t concerned with how kids will feel about growing up smaller than average humans. In fact, he thinks they may thank scientists one day!

“Climate change would seriously affect the well-being of millions of people,” he explained. “These children may also later appreciate and consent to the parents’ decision.”

The professor’s enthusiasm for human engineering includes other unusual ideas.

“Some people will simply refuse to give up eating red meat,” Liao noted, and suggested altering an infant’s body to create “a mild intolerance” for consuming cows.

Liao is also excited about injecting children with “pro-social” hormones that he believes will make them “more willing to share money with strangers.”

The professor dismissed comparisons with Nazis scientists, who were also interested in human engineering, and said shrinking children is a humane alternative to the “one-child policy” enforced on families in China.

As he explained: “Human engineering could give families the choice between two medium-sized children or three small-sized children!”