Homewrecker Carly Fiorina Lied About Druggie Daughter

Homewrecker carly lied about druggie daughter ne short

Upstart Republican candidate Carly Fiorina is a homewrecker who tried to score votes by playing the sympathy card at the Sept. 16 national debate by dramatically declaring that she “buried a child to drug addiction.”

The National ENQUIRER has exclusively learned that Lori Ann Fiorina, who died in October 2009, was in fact Carly’s stepdaughter — and she was brought up not by Carly, but by her biological mom, Patricia Fiorina, whose marriage allegedly was wrecked by the 61-year-old White House hopeful who is determined to knock Donald Trump from his superior front-runner status!

The ENQUIRER uncovered that Carly’s first husband, Todd Bartlem, charged that Carly cheated on him with Lori’s dad, Frank Fiorina — who at the time was married to Patricia.

Carly is a “pathological” spin artist, he claimed.

Bombshell divorce documents obtained by The ENQUIRER reveal that Frank filed for divorce from Patricia in 1981. That’s the same year he met Carly!

The records show that Carly sued Todd for divorce two years later. She married Frank in 1985, when public records give Lori’s age as 10.

When The ENQUIRER reached Todd for comment about Carly, he raged: “I got rid of that liar in my life. You can have her!”