Final Bell Tolls For Gravely Ill Muhammad Ali

Final bell tolls for gravely ill ali ne short

Boxing great Muhammad Ali is almost completely immobile, and has even lost the ability to smile!

It’s the latest setback for the man whose face has long been famous around the world.

At 73, “The Greatest” has battled Parkinson’s disease for 35 years.

“Sadly, it’s the end for the beloved champ,” a source told The National ENQUIRER. “Ali’s camp is finally having to come clean about his heartbreaking condition. He’s continuing to deteriorate. He’s dying!”

In early October, Ali’s wife, Lonnie, released new details of his sad decline.

Referring to his inability to smile, Lonnie said: “That’s the Parkinson’s mask. He feels emotions, but he can’t show emotion with his face.”

The ENQUIRER can also report the three-time heavyweight champ can no longer hold up his chin for more than a few minutes after undergoing surgery for cervical stenosis, or pinching of the spinal cord in the neck, in 2013.

The stenosis has so ravaged Ali’s body that he needs a walker to get around, and frequently uses a wheelchair.

The man who once rhymed his way through interviews is no longer able to speak to reporters and is rarely seen in public.