The Enquirer’s Challenge To Hillary Clinton

Presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton

Presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton’s frequent and mysterious medical crises have raised serious doubts about her ability to serve as leader of the free world!

The National ENQUIRER has been leading the investigation into this critical question, and other national media have begun to take notice.

Experts at Politico and The Washington Times have joined the chorus of concern, and author Ed Klein’s latest book, “Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary,” includes sharp accusations of serious health problems that could disable the former first lady.

In hope of defusing the growing controversy, the Clinton campaign has offered press releases with bland assurances from Hillary’s personal physician — but no concrete information.

The ENQUIRER is challenging the Democratic front-runner to undergo a full and complete examination by a team of independent doctors and specialists to assure the American voters she is absolutely able to fulfill the most important job in America.

Step up to the stethoscope, Hillary, and prove you are presidential!