Donald Trump Writes Exclusively For The National Enquirer

Donald Trump Writes For The National ENQUIRER

I am the only one who can make America great again!

We are in serious trouble – economically, and from a security perspective – and we need leaders who are intelligent, truthful and tough in order to negotiate deals with countries like Mexico and many others.

America is being laughed at by the rest of the world – and things must change before it’s too late.

Today, Americans feel as if we’re the whipping post for other countries. We will not be a great country in the not-too-distant future if we don’t change our ways!

I am definitely a different look. I’m not prepackaged. I’m not plastic. I’m not scripted. And I’m not “handled.” I tell you what I think.

It’s quite a departure from the usual office-seeking pols. The voters will find me refreshing. And I guarantee you one thing: They’ll find me interesting.

I am going to talk straight about taxes, social security, health care, our foreign policy and terrorism. Get ready for facts and answers you won’t get from today’s politicians. I may shock you, I may surprise you. But I’m going to tell it to you straight.

I run a corporation worth billions. I have created thousands of jobs. I make decisions every day that affect the livelihood of thousands of people. I have to keep a constant eye on the bottom line to make sure my company is efficient and profitable.

Perhaps it’s time that America was run this way.

And, on a personal note, my wife, Melania, would make a terrific first lady!

Melania is a good person and a phenomenal mother. She’s proud to be an American citizen, and she sees the problems we face in this country.

For years I would ask her whether or not I could run and win.

And she would say, “Donald, people love you, but they wouldn’t vote for you for president … you’re a little wild and a little too controversial.”

But as she’s watching political news on television and seeing all the things that are wrong with our country, she looks at me and says, “Darling, you know you’d win if you ran, don’t you? People really need you. I see it on the streets.”

Our children’s futures are on the line – and we have to come through for them.

The Obama administration left us a total economic disaster. We have to get tough so our country can be great again. And we have to get respect again on the world stage.

When Ronald Reagan was president, the United States was respected – but not anymore.

Together, we can Make America Great Again!