Darkness Descends On The City Of Light

Paris ne short

Cowardly killers spilled a river of blood in a series of senseless attacks that left scores of innocent people dead and wounded during an unprecedented night of terror in Paris.

As the world reeled in horror, a defiant President Barack Obama promised the vicious killers would be caught — and America would crush the evil enemies of freedom.

“We are going to do whatever it takes to bring these terrorists to justice,” Obama vowed.

But as counterstrikes were being planned behind the scenes, the world mourned the tragedy triggered by at least four coordinated shooting and bombing attacks in France’s capital.

A fiend with a Kalashnikov automatic rifle shot up a packed restaurant, while a suicide bomber set off explosions in an eatery near the stadium where the French soccer team was playing Germany.

Two other gunmen fired on a theater where a California-based rock group, The Eagles of Death Metal, was performing, killing several and holding terrified hostages inside.

“This is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share,” Obama said.