Shady Lady Who Could Ruin Marco Rubio!

Former GOP gal at center of prez hopeful's cheating scandal.

Marco rubio woman NETUESDAY

This is the woman who could deep-six Florida senator Marco Rubio’s White House dreams!

The mystery lady is smack in the middle of a sleazy sex scandal involving the GOP candidate, and in a bombshell world exclusive, The National ENQUIRER has traced her identity, and tracked her down. The gal is seen here in a “spy” photo snapped Dec. 22 in Florida, but The ENQUIRER has chosen to withhold her name.

As we reported, a new book revealed Marco — a married dad of four — once authorized a $40,000 probe into whether his rivals had dug up evidence he was hiding a “zipper problem!”

The scandal focused on this woman, a shapely former GOP political operative who is younger than Marco’s wife of 17 years, Jeanette. The woman’s name first surfaced in records for a Republican Party American Express card that Marco, 44, used when he was Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives. Those records showed he used the card to pay her expenses!

A GOP insider told The ENQUIRER evidence the pair might have been sexually involved came to light in 2009 when Marco faced then Florida governor Charlie Crist in the U.S. Senate race.

“A researcher briefed the (Crist) campaign on an email from (the woman) that said, ‘I can’t take this anymore. Why won’t you return my phone calls?’” the spy said.

“The email seemed an indication that he might have been having an affair with her, but the governor (Crist) didn’t feel it was enough to substantiate it and go public.”

In an exclusive statement to The ENQUIRER, the woman said: “The allegations that I had an inappropriate relationship of any kind with Marco Rubio are absolutely false.”

She claimed the expenses were incurred when she worked for the Florida Republican Party’s “House Campaigns” division in 2007.