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Sorry, Pollsters! Find Out How The National ENQUIRER Predicted President Trump

Our readers made it clear why America wants Donald!

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Donald Trump has been elected President in a shocking upset — and only one magazine told the world all along how Americans REALLY were feeling about the 2016 election! The National ENQUIRER was the most prominent publication to endorse Trump for office, and then consistently reported on the groundswell of support that powered the billionaire to the Oval Office. As the world of professional pollsters spend today in humiliation, we look back at the figures that showed Trump was winning over America.

The ENQUIRER first reached out to its readership on May 31, 2016 — early in the election season, but with very significant results! Having joined with in an online poll for readers to choose between Trump and Hillary Clinton, The ENQUIRER saw the first promising results for Trump’s campaign, as he took a lead over Hillary with 58% of the votes over the Dem’s 42%.

A July 7, 2016, poll by The ENQUIRER and RadarOnline then asked: “Did The FBI Go Too Easy On Hillary Clinton?” It was the election’s biggest issue after FBI Director James Comey disgusted many citizens by refusing to recommend prosecuting Hillary for sending classified government documents through an unauthorized private email server.

The pollsters would have understood the effect this had on the election if they’d seen the poll’s shocking results, as 83% of the respondents declared: “Crooked Hillary Should Be In Jail!”

In the wake of the notorious leaked audiotape of Donald Trump with Billy Bush, the candidate met Hillary for the second presidential debate on Oct. 9, 2016. The National ENQUIRER and asked: “Did embattled Trump give Clinton a TKO — or do you think Clinton’s attack on the now notorious Trump-Billy Bush tape helped make her the clear winner?”

Despite the shocking controversy, the ENQUIRER poll showed 64% of the respondents still staying with Trump!

On Oct. 27, 2016, the vast majority of pollsters were insisting that Hillary Clinton was destined to win the election. They would all be wrong — while neglecting the vital core sample provided by The National ENQUIRER.

In the final days of the campaigns, the magazine again joined in asking the country: “Who Will Win The Election?” The resounding answer was Donald Trump with 66% of the vote, as opposed to a mere 34% for Hillary!

Although The ENQUIRER polls did not follow the strict rules of statistical samples, one thing is certain: We had our finger on the pulse of the nation all along, and always will!