Hillary’s Darkest Secret EXPOSED: Clinton Fixer Revealed At Last!

Meet the man who did the Clintons' dirty work for decades.

hillary clinton fixer unmasked national enquirer

Decades of deceit are coming to an end today, as The National ENQUIRER unmasks the shadowy Mr. Fix It who covered up the Clintons’ ugliest scandals for years!

Only The ENQUIRER can reveal the true identity of the man: Jeff Rovin, seen below.

This top photo shows Rovin at the Clinton inaugural celebrations.


Here, he stands casually outside of the White House, then the Clintons’ home.


As The ENQUIRER reported, Rovin was the Clintons’ hidden Mr. Fix It, working 24/7 to silence any hint of a scandal surrounding the couple.

For years, Rovin set up illicit trysts for Hillary, with men AND women. Bill‘s sleazy affairs, meanwhile, were quickly and efficiently covered up with payoffs, blackmail and more.

He previously told The ENQUIRER, “During the 1980s and 1990s, I was working in Hollywood as a reporter for several national magazines and newspapers. Because of my good relationship with stars, publicists and the press I became ‘a fixer’: someone who helps stars keep embarrassing stories out of the press. I helped keep secrets safe for some of Hollywood’s leading men.

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“In 1991, my reputation was such that I was asked to work on behalf of a fast-rising figure on the national stage: Arkansas Gov. William Jefferson Clinton. I attended a meeting in Hollywood where I was told by an intermediary: ‘There will be a lot of stories coming out in the tabloid press. We want them buried.'”

“I was informed that these stories would involve rumors of Bill Clinton’s many sexual dalliances and an alleged ongoing affair of Hillary Clinton with a male member of her law firm, Vince Foster, as well as a female mover-and-shaker in Hollywood.”

“For a retainer of $4,000 a month — paid by a third party, not the campaign — I was told to keep these stories hush-hush in one of two ways: by trading access to the Clintons for ‘positive’ interviews, or by paying the reporters.”

For more on what Rovin did to keep Bill and Hillary’s dirty secrets hidden from the world, pick up the latest issue of The ENQUIRER, on stands now!