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Ted Danson’s Disastrous Divorce Over Whoopi Affair

The $30 million settlement that kept 'The Good Place' star working!

Ted Danson is back on top with a hit show and a lasting marriage to Oscar-winning actress Mary Steenburgen — but the star of “The Good Place” first had to survive a very bad breakup over his affair with Whoopi Goldberg! At the time, the cheating “Cheers” star was caught up in a showbiz affair that would leave him caught up in charges of racism. The affair with Whoopi also wrecked his regular-guy image after falling for his co-star on the set of 1993’s “Made in America,” which was supposed to set Ted up for a big-screen career as “Cheers” finally came to an end. “Ted is lucky he’s in a great spot with Mary,” said an insider, “because he would never want to go through a divorce like that again!” That’s because Ted’s very public affair with Whoopi wrecked his long marriage to Casey Coates, and ended with a $30 million settlement that ranks as one of Hollywood’s most painful celebrity divorces…