Shocking Photos! Inside Lisa Marie Presley’s Drug Den

Scattered pill bottles, mounds of white powder and more!

This shocking scene is damning proof of Lisa Marie Presley’s tragic addiction to cocaine, prescription pills and booze!

These sensational photos — obtained exclusively by The National ENQUIRER — reveal the sleazy mayhem inside the private home of Elvis Presley’s drug-ravaged daughter, where, according to allegations in court documents, she would lock herself away for days on self-destructive binges!

Amid the scattered pill bottles sits a mound of a white powder, believed to be cocaine, next to snorting paraphernalia — a cut straw and a plastic card to rack out lines of the lethal drug.

For the first time, The ENQUIRER has opened the door on the depths of depravity that have led Lisa Marie to be repeatedly forced into rehab, squander her father’s multimillion-dollar fortune and be dragged through another toxic divorce!

Meanwhile, concerned friends and family were left to fear she was just one fix away from a fatal overdose.

It is a miracle Lisa Marie is still alive,” a confidant told The ENQUIRER. “All her friends fear she will die like Elvis!”

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