Shocking Claims!

Nicole Brown Simpson’s Sister Caught In Domestic Violence Nightmare

Insiders say sick O.J. is getting a last laugh!

The sister of Nicole Brown Simpson is the latest in her family to fall victim to domestic violence — allegedly at the hands of her very own sibling, with insiders saying smug O.J. Simpson is snickering behind their backs!

A newly surfaced report shows Tanya Brown, the sister of Simpson’s tragically butchered ex-wife, was granted a restraining order against sibling Dominique in 2016, claiming the 53-year-old boozer had attacked her three times!

The Brown family maintains Nicole was beaten by Simpson in the years before her savage 1994 slaying, and the even launched a foundation for battered women after her death — for which Simpson was later found liable at a civil trial.

“To learn the Browns don’t practice what they preach proves they’re hypocrites,” insisted an insider.

“O.J. can’t help but laugh at them!”