Meghan Markle’s New Sex and Drug Shame

Nephew wrecked car on wild weekend in Los Angeles.

Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan, has been humiliated by her nephew Thomas Dooley, who heaped fresh shame on the Duchess of Sussex’s family with what cops called a drug and sex-fueled rampage in L.A.

Thomas was arrested Sept. 26 after a mad bender in Hollywood, thought to be prompted by a breakup with his husband, Ronnie, and ending with him behind bars!

Cops caught Thomas, 28, running through Hollywood with a towel wrapped around his waist. They described him as appearing high on drugs and charged him with resisting arrest after an officer was hurt bringing him in.

Now The National ENQUIRER can report Thomas’ wild week appears to have been filled with drugs and sex toys!
Click the gallery above to get all the details! WARNING GRAPHIC PHOTOS