Shocking Scene!

Meg Ryan — Scary New Look At The Tony Awards

Longtime fans troubled by changes caught by The ENQUIRER!

Meg Ryan looked bizarrely youthful while appearing at the 2016 Tony Awards — but The National ENQUIRER had already revealed how friends were fretting over what they claimed was her new love for plastic surgery! Longtime fans still had good reason to worry, though. Meg’s drastic new look suggested that things have only gotten worse since pals originally panicked over the star back in 2015! “It’s rumored Meg had a facelift and fillers,” said a source at the time. “Actually, it’s obvious — because her forehead and the area between her eyes don’t move!” Experts also believed that Meg had undergone extensive work. “Someone erased her delightful, wholesome, girl-next-door look and replaced it with a weird caricature,” said preeminent plastic surgeon Dr. Lyle M. Back, who hasn’t treated Meg — adding: “Her lips also appear to have been overfilled, leaving her with a ‘Joker’-like smile.”