Chins Up!

Kirstie Alley Desperate To Fix Her Jiggling Jawline

'Cheers' star seeks new look after TV shaming!

Kirstie Alley is hunting for a doctor to kill her fluttering turkey neck! The “Cheers” and “Fat Actress” alum stunned British “Big Brother” fans by showing up on set flaunting what appeared to be a pillowy pouch beneath her fast-disappearing chin! “Kirstie’s looking as big and as bad as ever!” a stunned on-set spy told The National ENQUIRER. Insiders snitched the food-fancying five-foot-seven star is smashing the scales at 250 pounds — and that her jiggling jawline is the tragic result! Read on for a rundown of Kirstie’s options, click here for more news of celebrities struggling with weight gain….