ENQUIRER Exclusive!

Old Boozer Kelsey Grammar Opens Brewery

Pals worry as 'Cheers' Barfly quits AA for new biz!

Kelsey Grammer is saying Cheers! — again! After years of sobriety, multiple DUI arrests and a stint in rehab, the Frasier star is hitting the bottle — in more ways than one! The sitcom legend is back to boozing, and he’s opened an Upstate New York brewery to sell his Faith American Beer, named after his youngest daughter, Faith! “Kelsey is a beer lover, and he wanted to develop a beer that would have a ‘hoppy’ taste and not be sweet,” a source spilled to The National ENQUIRER. “He’s really enjoying the process and has been in on the development from day one.” Read on for details of Kelsey’s hops-on-pops adventure, and click here for more news of celebs and rehab….