Shocking Pics!

Jack Nicholson Health Crisis Over Star’s Weight Gain

Film comeback off the schedule as actor looks heavier than ever!

Jack Nicholson was once set to make a big-screen comeback — but the movie’s gone missing in action as the Oscar-winner just gets bigger! The National ENQUIRER caught the 81-year-old star looming large at his usual ringside seat watching the Los Angeles Lakers on Oct. 20. Jack looked upbeat alongside his son Raymond, but Hollywood’s keeping a close eye on the Oscar-winner’s health after his latest film project went bad. His starring role in “Toni Erdmann” alongside Kristin Wiig was announced in Feb. 2017. After that, however, the film was caught in limbo while Jack reportedly failed to get in shape for the role. In Nov. of 2017, The ENQUIRER caught Jack showing off a stomach scar that some health experts diagnosed as “a definitive sign of gastric stomach surgery.” But any drastic measures taken by the star haven’t paid off…