Stripper Scandal!

Fergie & Josh Duhamel — Secrets That Doomed Their Marriage

Cheating, drinking and baby battles!

Fergie and Josh Duhamel have announced their marriage is over after eight years — with the couple battling through affairs, boozing and babies as they join the ranks of Hollywood’s most scandalous celebrity divorces! The couple announced their split just months after The National ENQUIRER reported that spies caught Josh and Jennifer Garner getting cosy on the Atlanta set of an upcoming movie. Star magazine also reported that Fergie was flipping out over Josh’s upcoming film with Olivia Munn, saying: “Fergie heard what a flirt Olivia is!” The former Black Eyed Pea frontwoman had good reason to be nervous, too — after The ENQUIRER caught Josh having a fling with exotic dancer Nicole Forrester during a 2010 shoot in Atlanta! Nicole described her passionate night with Josh after they met in 2009 at the Tattletales Lounge club,  where she worked under the stage name “Delilah”…