Bullied For Bomb!

Elvis Presley — His Secret Letters Reveal Beatings & Torture

Shocking retribution after 'Harum Scarum' lost money!

Elvis Presley turned to the drugs that would kill him to numb his torment after he was kidnapped, tortured and terrorized by a gang of thugs sent by a twisted producer who blamed the rocker for the failure of his movie! The “Hound Dog” singer’s agonizing nightmare is revealed in a secret trove of never-before-seen, authenticated letters he penned to his closest confidante, Hollywood spiritual adviser Carmen Montez, almost 50 years ago. Now, the bombshell book “Letters from Elvis,” by acclaimed author Gary Lindberg, reveals the horrific revenge B-list producer Sam Katzman (right) allegedly took on The King for his part in the box-office bomb “Harum Scarum.” Read on for details of this previously unknown chapter in Elvis’s life, and click here for more news of vintage Hollywood….