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Elizabeth Smart’s Captor Freed — After Seeking New ‘Handmaids’

Wanda Barzee still loyal to psycho husband!

Elizabeth Smart became a beloved national heroine after surviving her abduction by religious fanatic hubby Brian David Mitchell and his loyal wife Wanda Barzee — but now the sadistic kidnapper has been released after just 15 years in prison! Thanks to the original deal made when she was convicted, Barzee reportedly left Utah State Prison on the morning of Sept. 19, just months after The National ENQUIRER reported horrific accusations that she’s still trying to recruit sex slaves from behind bars for her “celestial kingdom!” It’s the latest tragic turn in the Smart saga, which began when 14-year-old Elizabeth was abducted in Salt Lake City on June 5, 2002, by the sicko couple, and endured months of being raped every day before finally being saved by cops on March 12, 2003. Barzee agreed to plead guilty to assisting in the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart as part of a plea bargain with prosecutors — but a Missouri mother says that Barzee is still a predator eyeing young girls!