Desperate Star!

David Hasselhoff Secretly Weds His Younger Woman

'Baywatch' hunk makes his move while fearing the end!

David Hasselhoff secretly married his girlfriend Hayley Roberts, who’s 27 years his junior — with pals saying the “Baywatch” wild man is terrified that his years of boozing will put him in an early grave!

The 64-year-old TV star, who’s returning to the beach in the new “Baywatch” movie, got engaged to the Welsh beauty a year ago. Now, he and Hayley are sporting wedding rings — leaving insiders to assume they’ve tied the knot without any fanfare.

“David can be very spur-of-the-moment, and he’s been saying things like, ‘You shouldn’t delay happiness in your life,’ ” a friend dished. Another pal added: “David knows he’s taken years off his life by abusing himself. He’s got arthritic knees and other health issues. He knows tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.”

A rep for David says the pair have yet to say “I do,” but the star has said he planned to have a small, intimate wedding — and the rings are evidence it may have already happened, friends insisted. It’s a big do-over for the twice-divorced actor, who found stardom on “Baywatch” and “Knight Rider” while battling booze.

In 2007, The Hoff — who’d already had stints in rehab — was humiliated by a family video showing him drunk as a skunk and trying to gobble down a hamburger while sprawled on the floor. Then in 2009, he suffered a seizure after a multi-day bender. He credits a 2011 encounter in Britain with autograph seeker Hayley for saving him from disaster.

“Hayley has been a godsend,” the pal said. “She’s helped him conquer his problems and makes sure he attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, staying on the straight and narrow.” Now, said the friend, David finally believes “he got it right this time!” Still, added the pal, David “constantly worries” about the damage he’s done to himself — and fears the end is near!