Cher’s Malibu Mansion Turned Into A Drug Den

Shocking bust disrupts singer's Aussie tour!

Cher is reeling after learning that a “trusted” houseguest was busted at her Malibu mansion for selling deadly drugs and having a weapons stash! Armed with a warrant, a sheriff’s drug task force swooped down on the taut-skinned songbird’s cushy seaside digs late last month and arrested Donovan Ruiz, whom The National ENQUIRER has learned has a sordid criminal past and is related to the hard-working star’s assistant. Police say they seized key evidence — including several weapons and clubs. “Ruiz is suspected of being the source of supply of fentanyl to many users in Ventura County,” said a police source. Read on for details of the raid on Cher’s digs, and click here for more news of celebrity drug busts….