Unrestrained Diva!

Celine Dion Starts Her Surprising New Life

Makeover madness as songbird begins to leave her grief behind!

Celine Dion is bravely rebuilding her life in surprising ways following the heart-shattering death of her beloved husband — with a fashion makeover, young-looking nip/tucks and a shocking romance with a hunk nearly half her age! Two years after the cancer tragedy that claimed hubby-manager Rene Angelil, 73, the 50-year-old songbird has thrown off her widow’s weeds and wants to enjoy life — including a chance at love with 32-year-old backup dancer Pepe Munoz. Her friends are amazed at the change, but a source said: “She is finally ready to stop grieving and start living! Read on for details of Celine’s new direction, and click here for more news of divas on the move….