Hairline Fractured!

Carol Burnett Is Going Bald

TV legend hiding truth behind bangs!

Carol Burnett is going bald — the final insult after a lifetime of tragedy and stress! Although the TV legend tries to hide her dramatically receding hairline, medical experts insist many post-menopausal women go bald, and there’s no shame in it. New York internist Dr. Stuart Fischer, who hasn’t treated the star, told The National ENQUIRER that Carol’s “frontal balding” may be due to “stress” or other health issues, including “thyroid disease, autoimmune illness and most important, the side effect of many medications.” The doc noted, “Almost any medication could theoretically cause hair loss — for example, steroids for severe arthritis as well as antidepressants.” Read on for details of Carol’s hairline battle, and click here for more news of TV legends….