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Britney Spears — The High Cost Of Keeping Pop Diva Sober

Attorney says struggling star still requires constant supervision!

Britney Spears is living a life free of alcohol and drugs — but it costs nearly half a million dollars a year to keep her sober, according to attorney Andrew Wallet! The National ENQUIRER unearthed the bombshell court documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, where the lawyer claims that he’s owed $426,000 annually for keeping “literally hundreds of people” from providing “illegal substances” to Britney. Wallet was put in charge of the “Toxic” singer’s estate not long after she shaved her head and attacked a lensman’s car with an umbrella in 2007. Although the troubled songbird’s been to rehab, Wallet claimed Brit’s problems have continued right up to her recent Las Vegas residencies. The attorney also claims that his strict vigilance took the troubled former Disney child star from a net worth of nearly zero to a cool $20 million! An insider agreed that Britney requires the constant supervision — telling STAR magazine that the singer’s inside circle had been drug-testing everyone working with Britney since she began her Vegas gigs back in 2013: “Anyone who works with Britney, be it her trainer or her hairstylist, has to be tested and open to random pat-downs.”