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Bill Cosby Has Friends Fearing That He’s Gone Nuts

Sex fiend talks to dead son as sentencing nears!

Bill Cosby, facing the rest of his life behind bars, has become completely unhinged, friends worry — hiding out in his room and carrying on fevered conversations with his dead son, Ennis! Insiders close to the convicted perv — disgraced by his aggravated indecent assault conviction, facing financial ruin and enduring the endless wrath of his humiliated wife, Camille — fear he’s gone off the deep end! “Being labeled a ‘sexually violent predator’ by Pennsylvania officials last month was the straw that broke the camel’s back!” an insider spilled to The National ENQUIRER. “He’s completely lost it.”  Read on for details of Cosby’s mental slippage, and click here for more celebrity crime news….