Warning Sign!

Angelina Jolie’s Date Gone In 30 Minutes

Desperate diva can't find love overseas!

Angelina Jolie isn’t having an easy time finding love while living in London — with insiders saying that she lost out one potential suitor who took off after a half-hour of romancing! “Angie got set up by a mutual matchmaking pal in London who hooked her up with a wealthy Brit stockbroker,” said an insider. But the prearranged meet-n-greet reportedly came to a horrible end after Angie arrived with two girlfriends in tow! The bachelor got turned off by the entourage, so, said the source, “after half an hour of awkward chitchat, he used that ol’ getaway trick: taking a phone call, faking a ‘business emergency’ and saying he had to leave!” That left Angelina as a girl interrupted in record time, just as talk started buzzing that the Oscar-winning star had even scared off her own divorce attorney over her vicious plans for Brad Pitt in their brutal divorce battle! Get the inside story on Angelina’s infamy, and click here for more inside dirt on the top celebrity splits…