Flesh Eater!

Sex-Fiend Serial Killer Takes His Own Life Behind Bars

Sole survivor's horrific tale of cowardly psycho's attack!

Andrew Urdiales, a 54-year-old former U.S. Marine, killed himself in his California prison cell on Nov. 1 — just weeks after being sentenced to death on multiple murder charges. The psycho had been convicted by an Orange County jury of killing five women in California, and had previously beat the death penalty over three three murders in Illinois. The murders in California occurred while he was stationed there at different U.S. Marine Corps facilities throughout the state. In a tragic twist, one brave woman survived an attack, but brave nurse Jennifer Asbenson couldn’t convince authorities of all the sickening details of her ordeal in Sept. 1992. Instead, Urdiales would rack up more victims before finally being arrested in 1997. He confessed to eight murders, and also admitted to being a flesh-eating sicko who had terrorized Jennifer in a nightmarish attack. Jennifer bravely returned to the scene of the crime in 2017, recalling how she was “staring into the eyes of the devil” when she was only 19 years old…