'Pen' Pal From Hell!

Aileen Wuornos Prison Letters — Female Serial Killer Took Her Bloodlust To The Grave

Notes offer peek inside a tortured mind!

Aileen Wuornos — the first female serial killer executed in America — thirsted for blood until the day she died! In prison letters obtained by The National ENQUIRER, Wuornos reveals she “seriously hates human life and would kill again.” Dubbed the “Damsel of Death,” the sick psycho shot to death seven middle-aged men who approached her for sex between 1989 and 1990. But Wuornos’ letters made it clear she felt no remorse and would happily murder again. “I killed those men, robbed them as cold as ice. And I’d do it again, too,” she wrote. Read on for details from Aileen’s sick missives, and click here for more true-crime news ….