Mike Walker

Wrinkle-Freaked George Clooney Demands Pal Brad Pitt’s Secret

Smooth as a baby’s butt!

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Splash News/Getty Images

Shocked to spot buddy Brad Pitt, 52, standing next to Ryan Gosling, 35, at the Golden Globes and looking like a younger bro — and reading all of Brad’s “looks 20 years younger” headlines — George Clooney, 54, dialed his … er, “old” buddy, whining like a teenage girl: “You tell me what you’re doing … right NOW!”

Said My Skin-sider: “Like chicks at a sleepover, Brad recited his beauty secrets, outlining his daily skin regimen and detailing his cleansing/defoliating process while George took notes! Then he gifted George a piece of gold: The phone number of his Beverly Hills skin doc! After hanging up with bestie Brad, clingy Clooney phoned immediately for a face-saving appointment!”