Mike Walker

Woody Allen Cuts Off Kate Winslet

Director ditches dialog 'Titanic' beauty took pains to memorize!

woody allen kate winslet fight
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Mike Walker reports….  Famed in Gollywood for her workaholic ways — she memorizes every line of every script — Kate Winslet went wobbly when Woody Allen, director of her wacky new “Wonder Wheel” flick, verbally killed a long-ish scene, abruptly barking, “Cut!”

Stunned crew members’ jaws dropped as obsessive Kate, playing a Coney Island waitress, sputtered: “Woody, there are still three pages left to shoot!”

Snarled Cranky Woodman: “Really? And who wrote them?”

Snapped award-worthy Kate: “You did, Woody!”

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Sighed My Woody Spy: “The oddball director responded, ‘Well, three pages makes the scene far too long, right?’”

Folks, it don’t get much weirder than that — but I swear on My Gossip Bible the tale’s true … and Wacko Woody’s lengthy lines will now live forever in Kate’s meticulous memory only!