New stinker GAGS Will Smith after critics savage his ‘Focus!’


Not needing ANOTHER stinker after nose-holding critics rated his new flick “Focus” from “blah” to “BARF,” WILL SMITH literally didn’t know what hit him when he popped his car door for a spin and gaaag-ed as his nostrils sucked up the foul stench of rotting, days-old RAW FISH!

Reports My Sushi Spy: “Will had taken leftovers home after dining at his fave LA sushi spot, then forgot the food in his car. He owns several cars, and didn’t use that one again for four days – so when he opened the door, he got a NASTY surprise. He told me, ‘The smell almost knocked me out!’

"Will had the car fumigated several times, but despite that, still can’t blow the stink from his memory – so he’s seriously considering selling the car!”

(I sniff a good deal here, so readers can send serious low-ball offers to Will through me!)