WILL FERRELL damn near KILLED before his killer Emmys closer!


Imagine a world…in which it’s somberly announced that WILL FERRELL will NOT be showing up onstage at the Emmys in shorts with his three cute kids in tow, because…

“Sadly, America’s comic genius just got run over by some crazy broad in a Mini Cooper!”

Here’s the scary, near-miss story from an eyewitness: “Will was jogging down twisty Woodrow Wilson Drive in the Hollywood Hills when a gal driving a Mini Cooper shot around a corner and swerved to miss him, literally running the star off the road – forcing him to dive into thick brush to save himself! Jumping out of her car, the shaken woman ran to Will as he emerged from the bushes, babbling, ‘Oh my God! I’m so sorry. Are you okay?…I just didn’t see you.’ Then she gasped, ‘My god – you’re Will Ferrell, aren’t you? I almost killed Will Ferrell? Oh, are you hurt? Shall I take you to a hospital?’ ”

It all ended with Will calming the woman down, saying he was fine, walking her back to her car and telling her: “Take it slow and easy. You’ve had quite a shock!”

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