PLANET SHEEN DEPT.: Imagine a world peopled by Charlie Sheen clones…then imagine The Warlock’s evil “Two and a Half Men” nemesis CHUCK LORRE getting sent there instead of to hell!

That image popped into mind when “Anger Management” put out an LA casting call for Sheen look-alikes to star in a TV commercial promoting the show, and more than 200 wannabe copycats showed up…but here’s the hilarious kicker: For a goof, Sheen himself showed up, mingling with the mob and pretending to be just another look-alike!

One group of wannabes actually stopped him, gushing that he was an “absolutely amazing” doppelganger for the star!

With a straight face, Charlie replied: “Thanks! People have been telling me that for years. I just wish I had his money!”

And he left, with nobody knowing he’d even been there. WINNING!!