Mike Walker

Warren Beatty Plans ‘Shampoo’ Reboot With Leonardo

Passing the cinematic teasing comb onto next-gen stud!

warren beatty shampoo leonardo dicaprio
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Mike Walker Reports … Warren Beatty is not washed up!

The perennial sex symbol/ladies’ man is plotting the rebirth of the horny hairdresser he played opposite Julie Christie (left), Goldie Hawn and Carrie Fisher in “Shampoo” — the iconic flick that won him a 1976 Oscar nod for Best Original Screenplay.

What’s more, Hollywood heartthrob/legend is roaring that it’ll star Leonardo “The Lion” DiCaprio!

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Said My “Shampoo” Source: “Warren — who produced, co-wrote and starred in the original — has pondered a modernized reboot for years, and finally thinks the climate is perfect for a fresh dose of ‘Shampoo.’

“The idea’s got him bubbling, and he’s convinced Leo’s a natural to fill his old sex-god shoes!

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“Whatever the message of the new ‘Shampoo,’ Beatty’s sex-soaked costumes were famously stunning!

“He looked like a guy who knew how to show a gal a good time … and what lady doesn’t love that?