NOTE TO JENNIFER ANISTON: Reach for a hankie now, babe, because you definitely won’t be crying at ex-love VINCE VAUGHN’s wedding!

The freaked-out funnyman’s dreading to tell you the awful news, but bride-to-be KYLA WEBER just flat-out ordered him to cancel the wedding invitation he sent you, sources report!

In a classic case of how stupidly clueless guys can be about female stuff, Vince thought it’d be really cool for you to witness his happiest day because you’ve remained good friends – and you’d even called to congratulate him on his betrothal to Kyla, a Canadian real estate agent.

But when Bridezilla heard the bombshell news that you’d made the groom’s wedding list, she went ballistic, bursting into tears and wailing: “This is supposed to be MY day! I’m the bride, but if she comes, everyone will be looking at her – not me!”

Vince told pals he tried desperately to calm Kyla down, but she’s adamant, and ordered him: Tell your little “Friend” she’s definitely NOT welcome at our wedding!